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The Confrontation of Raven

Mark Pirro December 10, 2013

We recently shot three key scenes to begin the conclusion of our motion picture, “Rage of Innocence.” We filmed a ‘Raven beats a polygraph’ scene, a gyno scene and the beginning of the final confrontation scene.

The gyno and polygraph scenes were shot at a Santa Monica doctor’s office whose owner so graciously allowed us to film there.


Ken Bryant as the Polygraph Technician and Alexa Joan doubling for Stef Dawson in a tense moment of lies and deceit from Rage of Innocence.

Ken Briant looking pretty darn official as the polygraph technician

We then proceeded to shoot part of our final confrontation scene at the house of longtime associate Brad Mendelson.  It’s an elaborate scene involving fighting, objects breaking, glass shattering, knives, strangling, and generally nasty stuff. Since our lead actress Stef Dawson is out playing “The Hunger Games,” we are still moving forward shooting some 2nd unit footage. This day’s shoot involved pretty much everything leading up to the final battle, which we will shoot when Stef returns. Today’s double was veteran Pirromount actress Dani Leon, who was willing to don the amber wig and take on the role. Today’s footage consisted of mostly over the shoulder reaction shots. We are so close to finishing, but still have a couple of key days left.


Pirro directs the beginning of the final conflict scene between Sharon (Chelsea Cook) and the disturbed Raven (doubled by Dani Leon)

final conflict

final conflict knife

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