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Day 23 of Rage of Innocence

Mark Pirro December 2, 2013

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Well it’s been 23 days since we started our film Rage of Innocence.  23 days stretched over five months so far.  We’re very close to finished.  Really just a couple more key scenes and we can call it a wrap.  I must say it’s been an exciting journey.  Of all the films I’ve made over the past three decades, I would consider this one my biggest challenge.  The challenge wasn’t in the technical part of it.  The challenge was to not put in jokes.  Although this film is quite serious, there are one or two bits of mild comedy.  All the scenes that offer a bit of comic relief are scenes that involve Pirromount actor Bill Devlin.  In the original script, he was only in one scene.  However, as the film progressed, I kept writing in new bits of business for him.  The other day, day 23, we shot with him again in an added scene (see pictures).  In this scene, lawyer Chet Neimano (Doug Macpherson) discusses the impossibility of winning the case that has been stacked against Vincent Marsden (John McCafferty) by the evil, conniving Raven Sutton (Stef Dawson). If you haven’t seen the newest cut of the trailer, check it out.

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