DUPAH’S FANGS Polish Vampire

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PV FangsHere are the original fangs worn by Mark Pirro throughout the 1983 Pirromount comedy, “A Polish Vampire in Burbank.”  These fangs were custom made for Pirro by his dentist Dr. Eugene Bock, dentist to the stars.  Dr. Bock also made the glowing blue teeth used by Arnold Schwartzenegger as Mr. Freeze in Batman and Robin.  These fangs have yellowed a bit over the years since they were worn in the movie, but they still fit Pirro’s mouth


The fangs are made out of a strong dental material and are not sharp to the touch.

PV fangs2

They come with a certificate of authenticity signed by Pirro himself, and would make a great collector’s item for anyone who treasures this cult film.

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