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New Music Video – Stormy Daniels Blues

by Mark Pirro    • April 30, 2018

We have a president who has a pretty dissatisfied wife, and she is looking for any excuse she can to get out.  Here we have comedian Judy Tenuta as our first lady Melaria Trump singing the Stormy Daniels Blues.

pirromount christmas video

Well, as the ChristMyAss season is upon us, we thought we would create something in the spirit of the season, so we put together this music video, The 12 Days of Trumpmas.  Having the stupidest and most inept president our country has ever seen, we really enjoy taking solace in giving him the ridiculing and  [ Read More ]

Mountain Grrrl

by Mark Pirro    • November 2, 2017
judy tenuta, pirromount

We just completed producing a new music video featuring comedian Judy Tenuta.  “Mountain Grrrl” is something our Republican fans will be able to relate to.  Check it out below and feel free to leave any comments you may  have.

A 2016 comedy music video featuring Joyce Mordoh, known as the voice of Pirromount in the 80’s and 90’s.  She sang the theme songs to Nudist Colony of the Dead and Deathrow Gameshow, as well as vocals from Polish Vampire and Curse of the Queerwolf.

Judy Tenuta sitting on Santa's Lap

Comedian Judy Tenuta as “Slutvinka” offering her rendition of “Santa Baby.” Featuring Richard Sebastian as Santa. Lyrics by and performed by Judy Tenuta Cinematographer Bruce Heinsius    Directed by Mark Pirro

Singer Joyce Mordoh singing the theme song from the Pirromount 1991 Musical Comedy "Nudist Colony of the Dead."

Music video derived from the 1991 motion picture “Nudist Colony of the Dead.” Featuring Joyce Mordoh. Cinematographer Craig Bassuk Music by Joyce Mordoh and Gregg Gross Lyrics by Mark Pirro Directed by Mark Pirro

Comedian Judy Tenuta singing about her Christmas Wish - music video Produced by Pirromount Pictures

Comedian Judy Tenuta’s Christmas wish is a little unorthodox. Lyrics by Judy Tenuta Photographed and Directed by Mark Pirro

Music video produced by Pirromount Pictures. Anne DeVenzio playing the tambourine.

Music video about taking life easy. Words and Music by Anne DeVenzio Photographed and Directed by Mark Pirro