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New Pirromount movie for 2021

Mark Pirro October 8, 2019

Working poster for our 2021 feature comedy/thriller

We finished our script for our new movie. The working title is “The Deceased Won’t Desist.” It’s about a guy named Rudy who passed away and has his lawyer invite a bunch of people to his isolated cabin in the mountains in order to find out what he’s left them from his estate. It turns out that his plan all along was to get revenge on the people who severely wronged him in his life: a shady business partner, an ex-wife and her lesbian lover, an abortionist and his assistant, a pedophile priest, and his gold-digging widow. Throughout the weekend, the dearly departed Rudy communicates with them through videos created before he died and timed with amazing accuracy. One by one, the bodies fall as Rudy gloats on tape, prompting the inevitable question: Is Rudy really dead?

We plan to start production on this comedy/mystery early next year and hope to feature many of the usual Pirromount alumni, such as John McCafferty, Hank Grover and Bill Devlin. Keep checking back here and on our Facebook page for future updates.

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