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Working on Sharknado 6

Mark Pirro July 18, 2018

We haven’t posted much here lately because we’ve been working on Sharknado 6 (AKA “The Last Sharknado”). Good friend and longtime Pirromount alumnus, Glenn Campbell has been the visual effects supervisor on all the Sharknado films, and he had me come in last year to work on Sharknado 5. Since this current one has a lot of visual effects, we called in some friends and other VFX artists to help take on the workload. Early Pirromount director of photography Craig Bassuk (Polish Vampire, Deathrow Gameshow, Nudist Colony of the Dead), who himself is a bit of a visual effects wiz, is working on the production as well.

This particular Sharknado deals with not only sharks swirling around in a tornado, but it also deals with time travel (hence the clever tag line – It’s about time). Anyway, I’ll be working on this through the month of July, so other than that, there won’t be all that much to talk about.  Here’s a little teaser trailer for it.  Some of the shots in it were FX shots I worked on for Sharknado 5.


One minor thing is we may have a distribution deal coming up for our last movie, “Celluloid Soul.” I’ll keep you abreast of all developments on that.

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