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Pirromount’s New Commercial

Mark Pirro April 6, 2018

So what do we do when we’re between feature films?  What do we do when we are out of ideas for new movies?  Why, we shoot commercials, of course.  We just finished shooting a new commercial for a product called “Real Good Food’s Pizza and Enchiladas,” utilizing Pirromount regulars Bill Devlin (Rectuma, Rage of Innocence), Lauren Baldwin (The God Complex, Celluloid Soul) and Ron Curtiss (Rectuma, The God Complex).  The commercial, written by the client, features two zombies bumping into each other, and one complaining that it’s getting tougher and tougher to find new flesh these days.  The other zombie recommends ‘Real Good Food’s Pizza and Enchiladas, which contain no wheat or any artificial ingredients.  In fact, the crust itself is made of meat and cheese.


Bill Devlin in a Pirromount Ad

Bill Devlin in his latest assignment for Pirromount: a hungry zombie

Anyway, we shot the commercial on Thursday the 5th of April and edited it on Friday the 6th.  We won’t be uploading it until we get the ok from the client (realgoodfoods.com).

Lauren Baldwin Real Foods ad

Lovely Lauren Baldwin once again in black and white before Pirromount’s camera.

Pirromount Pictures commercial

Ron Curtiss, veteran of three Pirromount films, returns as one of the living dead

Lauren Baldwin Bruce Heinsius


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