Mark Pirro July 26, 2017

On Tuesday, July 25th, 2017, we had the unveiling of our newest feature, Celluloid Soul, starring Dennis Kinard, Lauren Baldwin and Judy Tenuta.  I know I’m a bit biased and I don’t want to brag like a conceited parent with a newborn child, but it was evident that the audience enjoyed it beyond our expectations.  The performances, the visual effects, the music, cinematography, etc. all came together to bring everyone into the fantasy world of the love of old movies.  Food was provided by BandG Catering, and nobody left hungry; physically or mentally.

Check out some stills from this awesome evening, and keep checking back for updated news regarding this motion picture.

Musician Tony MacLaren, and Deathrow Gameshow Alumni: John McCafferty, Zach Harris, Debra Lamb

Pirromount Celluloid Soul Screening catering

Delicious Thai food provided by B&G Catering.

Look at all these smiling faces waiting for the movie to begin.

Actors in Pirromount's Celluloid Soul, at the premiere

Lead actors Azize Erim, a bearded Dennis Kinard and Lauren Baldwin at the premiere of Celluloid Soul

Judy Tenuta and Lauren Baldwin at the screening of Celluloid Soul

The love goddess herself, Judy Tenuta; and actress Lauren Baldwin looking radiant as ever at the premiere of Celluloid Soul.

Mark Pirro, Lauren Baldwin, Judy Tenuta - Celluloid Soul

Director Mark Pirro stands between the lovely Judy Tenuta and radiant Lauren Baldwin at the premiere of Celluloid Soul.

Mark Pirro, Bill Devlin, Anne Devenzio Azize Erim, Lauren Baldwin, Dennis Kinard

Director Mark Pirro introduces the principle players in Celluloid Soul after the screening. From left to right: Lauren Baldwin, Mark Pirro, Bill Devlin, Anne Devenzio, Azize Erim, Dennis Kinard


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