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The FINAL Marky Fun Tape now online

Mark Pirro January 28, 2017


After over 21 years of fundom, the Marky Fun Tape series comes to its conclusion with the 2016 edition.  For those of you in the know, you know that these videos were started over two decades ago as a way of entertaining relatives and close friends (they were originally nothing more than home movies on steroids), but ultimately grew into a yearly variety show with sketches, commercials, political satire and movie news.  Also, many of you know that these videos are hidden from the general public and can only be found through this website.  So, here’s a direct link to the 2016 Marky Fun Tape.  This edition has behind the scenes footage from our upcoming movie, Celluloid Soul starring Dennis Kinard, Lauren Baldwin and Judy Tenuta; as well as the usual creepy puppets, President Pussygrab parodies, Prophet Mohahappy and other fun moments.

Click Below and enjoy the 2016 Marky Fun Tape

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