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The long awaited blu ray of Deathrow Gameshow has finally arrived. After 30 years, there finally is a copy of this movie that you can actually appreciate. The image has been meticulously transferred and it even comes with the 2015 remastered version that we created to ‘fix’ all the problems that the original version had.

This 2 disk combo pack comes loaded with many extras: In addition to two versions of the original movie it includes commentary track with director Mark Pirro, actors John McCafferty and Robyn Blythe; a half hour behind the scenes video; two early Pirromount short films – Buns (1978) and The Spy Who Did it Better (1979) both featuring Deathrow Gameshow star John McCafferty; some introductions by the director; trailers; director bio.  This is the ultimate disk for Deathrow Gameshow fans.

You can order it for $20 by going to the Pirromount Store or through sites like Amazon.  

Find all of our titles -- and other fun things -- for sale on the Pirrophernalia page.

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