Stef Dawson, tears in eyes, gives an incredible performance as the troubled teen Raven Sutton.

Stef Dawson gives an incredible performance as the troubled teen Raven Sutton.

The multi-talented actress on the rise, Stef Dawson, has been quite busy since she starred as the troubled Raven Sutton in our 2014 movie “Rage of Innocence.” Since her emotional performance for us in Rage, not only has she landed the role of Annie Cresta in the Hunger Games Mockingjay series, but she has starred or appeared in at least three other feature films: The Lennon Report, The Paper Store and Creedmoria.  As if those weren’t enough for this tireless beauty, she is now featured in a new TV series called “Cleverman.”  This Australian produced series is currently playing on the Sundance Channel, but it is also streaming online.

Stef Dawson at Mockingjay pt 1 premiere

Stef looking lovely as ever, and Pirro at the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1 Los Angeles Premiere.

Actress Stef Dawson between her mom and filmmaker Mark Pirro

stunning stef Dawson, Jennifer Lawrence

Stef and Jennifer Lawrence signing autographs at the Mockingjay Premiere

We knew when she first auditioned for us in 2013 that she was destined for greatness, and we couldn’t be happier for her.  We will continue to follow her progress and keep you posted on all things Stef.

Pirromount actress Stef Dawson in TV series

Stef Dawson in  a scene from the pilot episode of Cleverman


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