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Pirromount Associate Satirical Site gets an idiot arrested

Mark Pirro July 18, 2015

Braddon Mendelson’s “The Skunk” is to blame


Longtime Pirromount associate Braddon Mendelson’s parody site “TheSkunk.org” was responsible for a dumb woman from Tennessee (I know, redundant) getting arrested because she believed that an article saying it was ok to print your own money was real.  Pamela Downs was arrested for trying to pass counterfeit money.  When she was confronted by cops, she said that she read an article where Obama said that it was legal to print your own money.  The article in question was written as a parody by Braddon, and can be seen here.


So far, this story has been picked up by the Huffington Post


and even USA Today


And we wonder why people like Donald Trump can be considered a serious candidate for president.


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