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andy for webWell who would have thought that our ISIS parody video would be the video that would take us over the top?  We put this video up a couple of months ago as a way to satirize all the religious fanatics who take lives in the name of their imaginary deity, but the views have blown up faster than a suicide bomber at a Jewish wedding.  We’ve said many times before that ridiculous behavior deserves to be mocked, and that’s what we have and will continue to do.

Recently we received this challenge by some religious zealot who saw one of our Submissive Jesus auctions on Ebay.

zealotNever to back down from a challenge based on ones fear of Islamic retaliation, we pointed this gentleman to our website, and to our Youtube videos with over 20 of our “Mohammad Speaks” videos.  Like most religious folks, they base their opinion on the lack of facts.  The fact is that he can call us cowards or phonies, but if he bothered to check us out, he would have discovered that no religious figure is inescapable from our mockery.  However, anyone who believes in an imaginary sky daddy isn’t really one to really care about facts, now are they?

Feel free to enjoy our ISIS video by clicking below, share it with your friends, and keep the numbers climbing.


And if you haven’t already seen our latest Mohammad Speaks video, you can see it in all its glorious blasphemy by clicking below:

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