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Pirromount ISIS Satire Video

Mark Pirro February 24, 2015

It’s about time someone called these religious nut-bars out with a parody of their bullshit videos, and we at Pirromount are the ones to do it.  If you are as sickened by the propaganda these mental midgets create in an attempt not only to frighten Americans, but to try and recruit like-minded (and I use the term ‘minded’ loosely) to join their ’cause,’ then you will enjoy our personal attack on them.  We were commissioned to make this video by a source that wishes to remain anonymous, but I must say we all had a great time making it, and if this gets enough of an audience, we may create follow-up videos.  Enjoy!

 This is not in any way made to disrespect the people who have lost their lives at the hands of these James Bond-like villains, but merely to give the killers the mockery and disrespect that they sorely deserve.  Religious extremism deserves to be mocked and mocked hard.  In fact, all religion deserves to be mocked.  There is little room for a 7th century mindset in the 21st century, and we at Pirromount will do all we can to ridicule stupidity wherever we find it.

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Holly Lambert Nolting
Holly Lambert Nolting

Really funny- have to say

Mark Pirro is the Owner of Pirromount Studios.