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November 1st, 2004


By Robert Koehler

Sponging up everything from Nippon monster movies to those runaway breasts in Woody Allen’s “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex … ,” vet schlockmeister Mark Pirro’s “Rectuma” releases a giant serial-killing butt on an unsuspecting City of the Angels. Vid-lensed in widescreen “Pirrovision” for just the right mock-epic effect, pic alternates between ridiculously post-dubbed dialogue scenes punning just about every posterior joke imaginable, and deep-cheese action stuff that won’t disappoint the target midnight crowd looking for a taste-free time. Vidstores had best beware.

Violated by a Mexican bullfrog when vacationing with his evil wife, postal clerk Waldo (Bill Devlin) endures enough pain down below to consult with specialist Dr. Wansamsaki (Alex W. Chen), whose nuke-based therapy goes horribly wrong. Trail of feces-stained murders leads back to Waldo, who realizes that his butt detaches from his body to go on killing sprees. Pirro fans will groove on how he’s expanded his genres for spoofing when they’re not laughing at his obviously rubberized ass-monster’s p.o.v. shots. Osama lookalike Summa Cum Lauden (J. Michael Raye) provides a choice capper as the suicide bomber who gets Rectuma where it hurts.

A Pirromount Pictures release. Produced, directed, written, edited by Mark Pirro.
With: Bill Devlin, Dani Leon, Jean Black, Alex W. Chen, Jim Rainey, Tyrone Dubose, J. Michael Raye, David Chan, Rachel Morihiro, Hiromi Nishiyama.
Camera (color, Pirrovision widescreen, DV), Lee Neville; music, Andrew Gold; song, Marky Elfman; production designer, Marky Dolittle, associate producers Jim Rainey, John Ahern.  Reviewed on videodisc, Los Angeles, April 20, 2004. Running time: 95 MIN.


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