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After Curse Of The Queerwolf, what could Mark Pirro possibly do to top himself? That answer came blatantly apparent after only five minutes of viewing his latest epic, Nudist Colony Of The Dead. With material ranging from hopelessly silly to positively hysterical, Nudist Colony can best be described as a not so typical summer camp slasher flick and a bad musical all rolled into one, not to mention a wickedly irreverent satire on Christian fundamentalism. The story concerns a group of young people literally forced by their God-fearing parents into attending a religious retreat organized by a fanatical minister of a rigid church – the same church that years earlier persuaded local officials to close down a nudist colony. The nudists protest Jonestown-style by downing a poison liquid as one old hag with tits sagging to her knees vows revenge, putting a curse on the camp and all zealots that attend it. Then, in Living Dead fashion, the nudist ghouls rise to mutilate the campers. Pirro just may be the funniest guy in the independent low-budget film industry. With gags running the gamut from highly questionable to simply perverse, Pirro’s material is sure to offend almost anyone at least once.


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Mark Pirro is the Owner of Pirromount Studios.