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Poster for RectumaTalk about having a bad day: while vacationing in Mexico, Waldo Williams (Bill Devlin) gets raped by a poisonous toad, then tries to cure his subsequently diseased prostate by inserting a radioactive rod into his anus. The result, as if you didn’t know, is that his rear end develops a mind of its own, becoming both detachable and homicidal, before ultimately growing to Godzilla-like dimensions.

Yes, writer-director Mark Pirro (creator of such films as Nudist Colony of the Dead, a Super-8 musical that’s honest-to-God one of my favorite flicks of all time) is back in fine form, delivering the sort of disgusting Z-grade schlock that Troma used to know how to do. Pirro’s films aren’t exactly “so bad they’re good” — rather, he seems to be trying to make bad movies, but doing so in such poor fashion that they somehow emerge with a sort of deranged brilliance. As is his trademark, there’s an insanely catchy song on the soundtrack, delivered by a pair of Japanese narrators named “Hi” and “Nee” (newcomers Rachel Morihoro and Hiromi Nishiyama). Occasionally, Pirro seems to accidentally hit on hot-button issues like race relations, but more often his jokes involve, for example, a terrorist named Summa Cum Lauden, or an obscene Silence of the Lambs spoof. Every ass joke you can imagine gets play herein, but the movie’s still an awful lot of fun if you’re in the right mood (i.e. drunk).

Friday and Saturday midnights at Laemmle’s Sunset 5. Not Rated.

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