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ISSUE 11 June 1994

A Polish Vampire In Burbank

Vistar International Productions, 1985, color, with Mark Pirro, Hugh O. Fields, Lori Sutton, Conrad Brooks, Marya Gant

Obviously inspired by An American Werewolf In London, this is an extremely low-budget straight to video enterprise. The production values look about equal to what a good college film class might come up with. Fortunately this is a comedy so the ragged edges don’t matter that much. The film veers uneasily between straight slapstick and black to sick humor, but there are some truly funny bits along the way. Polish Vampire concerns itself with the misadventures of a novice vampire named Dupah (played by Mark Pirro, who also produced, directed and wrote the screenplay). Dupah, as you might expect, goes through a number of trials and tribulations trying to suck blood from his intended victims. Complications continue when he falls in love with one of them, a health spa worker named Delores. Dupah also has to deal with his new girlfriend’s airhead roommate (a very funny performance by Bobbi Dorsch), her insanely jealous ex-boyfriend, and a man who becomes a “Queerwolf” when the moon is full. Our own Conrad Brooks has a bit as a bartender.

The film as a whole, though funny, is a bit uneven. In addition, some of the jokes might be thought to be in questionable taste. The acting ranges from passable to excellent, although the dubbing in some scenes is poor. All things considered, it’s worth seeing at least once. Assuming you don’t demand political correctness in your humor you should get an honest night’s worth of laughs out of this.

Distributed by Simitar entertainment, and also newly packaged and distributed by Edde Video, this one has been available at most rental stores for several years.

Reviewed by Rudy Minger

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