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Poster for My Mom's a WerewolfSomething strange is happening at the Shaber household, and Jennifer’s mom isn’t dealing with it very well. Leslie Shaber (Susan Blakely) was like any other average middle-aged housewife – bored. That was until Harry Thropen (John Saxon) came into her life. Who knows why this handsome stranger attracted her, and who knows what she did with him, but after the encounter, Leslie started going through a few biological changes. When she confronts Harry to find out what he did to her, he confesses that he’s a werewolf and he needs a were-wife. Leslie sarcastically replies, “And I suppose we’re going to live in a were-house!”

“My Mom’s A Werewolf” was produced by Crown International and was going to be Pirromount’s follow-up picture to “Deathrow Gameshow” (which they had produced for Crown the year before). Mark Pirro was hired by Crown to write the screenplay, but once that was completed, it was planned that Pirro would direct the film for roughly what he received on “Deathrow Gameshow” – very little.

Pirro reasoned that if he was going to be paid so little for a film, it might as well be his own. So, he walked away from the project. A new director was brought into the project. However, many of the Pirromount stable remained. The picture has been seen for years on USA Network.

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