Rage of Innocence (2014) DVD





Some teens will go to any extremes to avoid being disturbed. For Raven, being disturbed just comes naturally. When middle school teacher Vincent Marsden (John McCafferty) meets another teacher, Louise Sutton (Tammy Klein) at his school, he thinks he may have found the love of his life. That is until he meets her 15 year old daughter, Raven (Stef Dawson). Raven has a powerful distrust of men, and immediately objects to her mother’s new relationship. At first, Raven warns Vincent to stay away from her mother, but when he refuses to back away, she piles one lie upon another, resulting in not only Vincent getting suspended from his teaching job, but his very freedom becomes in jeopardy as she accuses him of raping and sodomizing her. Raven’s accusations, with proof to back it up, turns into a deadly game that not only terrorizes his life, but also the life of his 13 year old daughter, Sharon (Chelsea Cook). Rage of Innocence shows, in a very unnerving way, just how vulnerable a man can be when pitted against an adolescent sociopath with a deadly agenda.


Rage DVD 3D box

This limited edition DVD-R comes with extra features: Commentary track with actors John McCafferty, Tammy Klein and Director Mark Pirro.  Behind the scenes, still slideshow and theatrical trailer.

Running Time: 1 hour 44 minutes, Color Dolby 5.1 Stereo Chapter Stops