Deathrow Gameshow Vintage Movie Poster


Poster comes folded $25.00



Movie Poster Extremely rare. This is a full theatrical sized one sheet from Pirromount’s 1987 feature film starring John McCafferty and Robyn Blythe. This one has sold on Ebay for upwards of $50 without any autograph. We have a few on hand and are selling them with director Mark Pirro’s autograph (personalized if you prefer). We don’t have that many, so when they’re gone, they’re gone. The posters we have are in good condition, having been kept in dark storage, so the colors are still rich and vibrant.  Although because of their age and use, there might be slight edge fraying or possibly even pinholes on the edges.  However, the colors are bright and clear and there is no damage to the actual image.  Poster comes folded $25.00


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