CELLULOID SOUL (2017) Limited Edition DVD



Prior to our streaming video distribution, we will be selling a limited number of DVDs of our 2017 feature film, Celluloid Soul, starring Dennis Kinard, Lauren Baldwin and Judy Tenuta.  These are DVD-Rs available today.

Celluloid Soul is the story of Monty Suggins (Dennis Kinard), a down and out Hollywood writer who, struggling with the loss of his girlfriend, is on the verge of suicide.  Monty constantly visits his therapist (Judy Tenuta) and can’t seem to get his writing, or his life, in gear.  One evening, he sees a movie from 1939 and discovers that an actress in it, Ida Beswick (Lauren Baldwin), mesmerizes him.  He goes into overtime trying to find out anything he can about the unknown actress, including placing an ad in an online personal column.  Eventually, he gets a phone call from the actress herself.  Reasoning that she must be in her late 90’s by now, he arranges a meeting with her.  However, when she shows up on his doorstep, he begins to question his sanity as she appears to look exactly as she did in that decades old movie – complete in black and white with vertical scratches.

Celluloid Soul is a lighthearted comedy romp with just a little twinge of “The Twilight Zone” thrown in for good measure.  These limited DVD-Rs will be available up until the movie ends up being distributed on streaming media.

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