SPECIAL OFFER – Pirromount’s $2500 budget or Less Package Deal

Press Release September 30, 2015

$75 gets you six Mark Pirro Films all produced for $2500 or less


We are making a special deal for fans of ultra low budget filmmaking, we are offering five of our lowest budgeted feature films as a package, which we’re calling the $2500 budget or less Package Deal.  In this package deal, we are offering A Polish Vampire in Burbank, Color-Blinded, Rectuma, The God Complex and Rage of Innocence, all shot for $2500 or less.  Each film comes with behind the scenes footage as well as director’s commentary track, going in to great detail about the making of.

You can order this special package by clicking here.


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Mark Pirro is the Owner of Pirromount Studios.