Did our press release sent to the media have anything to do with
them not getting pulled this time?  Who knows?
Will they stay up?  Who cares?  We’ve got better
sites to promote on.  For those of you unaware of what
the myspace controversy is all about, read on:

Dear Submissive Jesus fans and friends: If you came here after seeing any of our Submissive Jesus commercials featured on the website myspace, and are now wondering where they’ve gone, it is our sad duty to report that censorship is alive, well and thriving in America. After one of our Submissive Jesus commercials got featured on myspace – obtaining over 160,000 views and around 3000 comments – our myspace account was deleted, and all videos removed. No reason was given, but I think we all know why. We dared to poke fun at Christianity, the number 1 religion in our country; and like the #2 religion – Muslims, there is no tolerance for any parodying of their invisible friends. Well hallelujah, the Submissive Jesus has resurrected (and it only took 24 hours). There’s an old saying, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger,” and right now we are stonger than ever. We have put out a press release on the matter, which you are welcome to pass along to whomever you see fit.

There are thousands of video sites out there. Myspace is one. We are currently SATURATING internet video sites with our ads. Any site that allows videos to be linked, we will be there. Any gag gift and novelty store that sells quirky items, we will be there ( and wickedcoolstuff being our favorites).

However, we’d be honored to have your help. If you like this product and are an advocate of free speech, consider it your duty to make everyone you know aware of Submissive Jesus and the myspace censorship blip. Link and embed our videos on every site you can. Pass them onto your friends and have them embed the videos on their sites. We had a nice little ride on myspace and 160,000 people who hadn’t heard of this before now know that the Submissive Jesus is here. Now, with your help, we will let them know that he’s here to STAY! Muahahahahaha…and LONG LIVE SUBMISSIVE JESUS and Rationality Bless America!