Established in 1978, Pirromount Pictures is an award winning production and post production facility which has produced several feature films, shorts, commercials, industrials, and music videos. “The God Complex” was our last feature film, produced in 2009, and banned by 10 film festivals by 2010 (obviously festivals don’t like filmmakers making fun of their imaginary heroes). Click below to see two completely different trailers for the funniest film about God since “The Passion of the Christ.”

Relish the Blasphemy #1

Relish the Blasphemy #2

Get more information on “The God Complex here. Important information regarding the Screen Actor’s Guild and Pirromount Films. Click here if you are a SAG member and would like learn how you can legally perform in SAG and non-SAG films by going financial core. Likewise, if you’re an indie filmmaker who wants to avoid the trappings of SAG and still realize your vision. You can read about Jon Voight’s decision to go financial core here.