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Rectuma actor Robert Clements Dies

Mark Pirro April 12, 2018


Robert Clements

Robert Clements, the actor who played Waldo Williams’ co-worker M.C. (inventor of the Rapolator) in our 20o3 comedy Rectuma, died Monday, April 10th, 2018 in Los Angeles.  Word is that Robert suffered a stroke about three years ago and never fully recovered.

Robert Clements in Rectuma

Robert Clements with Bill Devlin in Rectuma

Although we only worked with Robert the one time for Rectuma, his comedic presence was long felt.  He was great at improvisation and we all had a great time working with him in those days way back in 2003.  Time marches on and people leave us, but thanks to film (or video), their spirit can live on for years to come.  Sorry to see you go, Robert.  But thank you for your contribution to our funny little film.

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  1. Mark Pirro says:

    Aww shucks.

  2. Mark Pirro says:


  3. CpT GoThMcLaD says:

    Sad to hear about Walter I loved Rectuma and he was so damn funny in this film

  4. CpT GoThMcLaD says:

    Mark Pirro is a fucking Legend!!!!

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