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12 Days of Trumpmas

Mark Pirro November 13, 2017

Music video by Pirromount

Here we are, one year since President Pussygrab started the embarrassmet of America’s standing in the world.  One year since we were able see all the vermin, racists, bigots, misogynists and Xenophobes come out from the shadows and move into the mainstream.  One year since you found out that one or two of your relatives were, for some unknown reason, conned by this walking pile of donkey shit.  Well…we survived a year better than his reputation (which didn’t have to lower the bar much).  In any event, we thought we would revive the music video we made last year before all the ridiculing truly started.  Here is our lovely music video The 12 Days of Trumpmas.  It’s a lively tune featuring Pirromount alumnus Anne DeVenzio.

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