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God Will Answer Prayers

Mark Pirro September 20, 2017

Yes, God will answer all of the thoughts and prayers of those affected by hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters…just as soon as he starts existing.  But why wait for that?  You can get the answers to all of your prayers immediately by getting “The Submissive Jesus Prayer Answering Talking Head.”

Created for our 2009 comedy feature “The God Complex,” The Submissive Jesus listens to your thoughts and prayers, and with a simple twist of his crown of thorns, will answer you with one of 100 random smart-ass answers.  You can see the Submissive Jesus in action at www.thesubmissivejesus.com.  Order yours today before another disaster hits and be prepared.

For every Submissive Jesus sold within the next 30 days, we will donate exactly 100 thoughts and prayers to any recent disaster.  Now who can argue with that?

Find all of our titles -- and other fun things -- for sale on the Pirrophernalia page.

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