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This is a short clip from one of the scenes from our upcoming feature film, “Celluloid Soul.”  In this scene, down and out writer, Monty Suggins (Dennis Kinard) watches an interview with long forgotten B-movie actress Ida Beswick (Lauren Baldwin) from 1939.  She optimistically speculates on her future success as an actress, but unfortunately for her, it was not meant to be.  “Celluloid Soul” will be released mid 2017.

This is Lauren Baldwin’s third association with Pirromount.  She played the virgin Mary in Pirromount’s 2009 Biblical satire, “The God Complex,” and the unfortunate babysitter in Pirromount’s 2014 thriller, “Rage of Innocence.”  This is Dennis Kinard’s 2nd film for Pirromount, having played they mythical super hero Jesus Christ in “The God Complex.” He also played Jesus for us in two of our “Submissive Jesus Prayer Answering Talking Head” commercials.

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