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Jessie Sherman

Jessie Sherman, the Ukelele playing angel in our 2009 comedy “The God Complex,” has been touring in the roadshow “Peter Pan 360” as the impish fairy Tinkerbell. According to the show’s website: “The Threesixty Theatre facilitates performance both in the round and all around, creating a truly unique environmental theatrical experience. The entire interior is lit with over 15,000 square feet of Hi Resolution projection so that both cast and audience are immersed in a virtual Neverland. When Peter and Wendy fly to Neverland, audience members will feel the effect in the pit of their stomachs as they fly with the beloved characters over 200 square miles of virtual London and beyond.”


Jessie as Tinkerbell in “Peter Pan 360”

The show has been touring the country and is currently performing in Houston, Texas. Click below and you will see Jessie along with the rest of the cast interviewed by “Hollywood Live.”  You’ll also see some great scenes from the show.


And click below and you can see Jessie in “The God Complex” as Angel Amelia Poopeedoo delivering a singing telegram to Joseph regarding the pregnancy of his fiance’ Mary.


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