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First 9 Minutes of “Rectuma” now streaming

Press Release August 13, 2015

When we posted the first 10 minutes of our movie “Rage of Innocence,” little did we realize how much interest that would generate in people wanting to see the entire movie. We are now streaming the first 9 minutes of our 2003 outrageous comedy, “Rectuma.” I guess giving away free samples has always been the way to sell a product.

So, with that in mind, we invite you to watch the first 9 minutes of “Rectuma.” And if you would like a DVD of the complete film, which we modestly say is probably one of the funniest movies you have ever seen, you can simply click here to purchase it, and do your part to support independent filmmaking.

Find all of our titles -- and other fun things -- for sale on the Pirrophernalia page.

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