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Mohahappy and Jesus to Wed

Mark Pirro July 7, 2015

Two Prophets To Tie the Knot

Mo Jesus wedding-invitation

Well, it was bound to happen.  The prophet of the Muslim faith, Mohammad (aka Mohahappy) and the prophet of the Christian faith, Jesus, have announced their plans to wed.  This blessed event will take place on July 10th and will be posted for the world to share.  It was only a matter of time before these two lovers, who have secretly been together for over 1500 years, would finally come out of the closet, and what better time than after the Supreme Courts historic decision to make gay marriage legal.

Check in after July 10th and witness this holy event, right here and on sites like Youtube and Facebook.  Pizza Be Upon them!  And if you’d like a wedding gift, check out the Submissive Jesus Prayer Answering Talking Head – available at thesubmissivejesus.com.

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