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We’ve got ’em all here.  We have the complete set of 6: Django, Butch, Stephen, Candie, Schultz and the nearly impossible to find Broomhilda.  Some of you may be aware that they only made 1000 of these before some thin skinned morons made the decision for all of us that they were offensive and got the Weinstein Company to discontinue manufacture of them (they only made 100 of the Broomhilda dolls, which makes them incredibly rare – some are going for thousands of dollars on Amazon.


These toys upset me! Make them go away! Or, how about make them go up in value by 1000%. Yes, I’m an idiot.

If you remember how I reacted when episode 201 of South Park got banned, I don’t take kindly to censorship in any form.  This time around, because of a different base of morons, my knee jerk reaction to this was to buy a bunch of these toys before they disappeared forever.  Most people snatched them up off Ebay almost immediately.  Then within a week, Ebay followed suit and also banned the toys (although you can find Nazi paraphernalia and equally offensive items on their site), making them even harder to acquire.  If you happen to find any of these action figures on Ebay, snatch them up right away, because Ebay usually pulls the auction within 48 hours.


I’m not sure if I prefer to sell them individually or in a set.  I have 1 Django, 1 Candie, 1 Stephen, 1 Schultz, 1 Butch and 1 Broomhilda.  All mint, sealed in box, never been opened.   I’m really torn between hanging onto some of these or selling them to a collector who might appreciate them even more than me.  So, if you’re interested in purchasing any of these extremely rare collector’s items, check out our Pirrophernalia page.

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9 Responses so far.

  1. Mark Pirro says:

    Contact me privately at pirromount@hotmail.com and we can discuss it. Thanks.

  2. fadlie othman says:

    Ok mr pirro. How much your offer for the extra 4 that you have? Please let me know. Thanks

  3. fadlie othman says:

    Give me your offer for that broomhilda. I want to know. Please. Thanks

  4. Mark Pirro says:

    That’s the rarest of the batch. I’m afraid I can’t let that one go.

  5. fadlie othman says:

    Hi. Can I offer you 150 usd for broomhilda figure only?


  6. Mark Pirro says:

    I have the complete set of all six, which I’m not entirely sure I wish to sell. The offer would have to really be a good one. However, I also have four that I will sell (Django, Schultz, Stephen and Candie).

  7. fadlie othman says:

    Is the django’s doll still available?? I want to buy all six of them. Please reply me if it is available so that I can make offer.

    Thank you

  8. Mark Pirro says:

    I can only go by corroborating reports from various sources, including the manufacturer. The story goes that they were running off the Broomhilda dolls when the order to shut down production was made. That’s all I know.

  9. Steven Mayne says:

    Was curious how you’re sure <100 Broomhilda dolls were made? why they the last being made when stop order came down? Thanks.

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