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Color-Blinded screenplay optioned

Mark Pirro January 28, 2013

Color-Blinded-HorizontalWe just optioned off the screenplay of Color-Blinded to an independent filmmaker who would like to get funding to re-make our 1998 film. He is using the original version of the movie as kind of a blueprint to entice investors. We’ll start the breath holding…now.

I always thought that Color-Blinded was one of my tamest films, even though it deals with the subject of race and interracial relationships. As is with most of my movies, it was made for next to nothing with some fun and talented people: Dani Leon, Luke Vitale, Verda Bridges (who won the B-movie award for best supporting actress), as well as some of our regulars like Tyrone Dubose, Ron Curtiss.

This year marks the 15 year anniversary of that movie (not to mention the 10 year anniversary of Rectuma, and the 30 year anniversary of Polish Vampire).  As always, I’ll keep you posted, my faithful minions.

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