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Mark Pirro December 5, 2012

Those of you who came to see the unedited South Park episode 201, I must regretfully inform you that we have been forced by the pussies that be to take it down.  We originally posted this video because, unlike them, we are not afraid of terrorists, Al Qaeda, Talaban or suicide bombers.  We felt very strongly that when you censor art because somebody has an issue with it, whether it be terrorists or a Sunday school preacher, we devolve back to an era where burning books and destroying rock and roll records were the norm.  We recently received an email which was appropriately resting in our junk mail folder.   Here is an excerpt from it:

I hereby request that you immediately remove or block access to the infringing material and ensure the user refrains from using or sharing with pirromount the Rights Owners’ materials in the future. Additionally I request that the removed link be replaced with the following language: “This video has been removed because of infringement.” I urge you to take immediate action to stop this infringing activity and inform me of the results of your actions. Please respond indicating the actions you have taken to resolve this matter. For email correspondence, please reference the above Notice ID in the subject line. Nothing in this letter shall serve as a waiver of any rights or remedies of the Rights Owners with respect to the alleged infringement, all of which are expressly reserved. In addition, this notice is without prejudice to the positions that you have an affirmative obligation to prevent or limit infringement of the Rights Owners’ exclusive rights without regard to receiving a specific takedown notice. In complying with this notice, pirromount should not destroy or spoliate any evidence which may be relevant in a lawsuit relating to the infringement alleged herein, including the infringing videos and all associated electronic documents and data relating to their presence on pirromount.com, which shall be preserved while disabling public access, irrespective of any document retention or corporate policy to the contrary. Should you need to contact me, I may be reached at the following address: Warren Solow Viacom 1515 Broadway New York, NY 10036 v: (408) 217-5000 agent@viacom.copyright-notice.com end of email.

Naturally, we admit that they are completely within their rights to demand the video be taken down, as it is indeed derived from their property. And although we are never ones to buckle under the threat of religious zealots (as you know if you’re familiar with our Submissive Jesus Prayer Answering Talking Head toy or our 2009 comedy The God Complex) , which is why we restored the video in the first place, we must buckle under the threat of a company whose lawyers have much bigger dicks than our lawyers. And we understand that legally they have the right to do so (unlike terrorists, of course, who just use the threat of violence to get their way). Maybe one day the cowards who restricted this video in the first place and continually restrict this video will ultimately come to their senses and release the uncensored episode. Maybe some brave soul at Viacom will research history and learn that the very foundation of this country was founded on people fighting for their freedom of expression. Maybe they will learn that there was once a time when actual people died defending that freedom.

I was a huge fan of the South Park show. It was edgy and strong willed, and I had nothing but admiration for the show and its creators, Matt and Trey. As a satirist and comedy filmmaker, my appreciation for the edginess of the show had no bounds. I bought every DVD of every season and cherished the cleverness of each episode as if I had created them myself. I think that’s why I got personally offended when the episode got censored. Maybe I was vicariously fighting Matt and Trey’s battle by restoring the episode. In fact, before I restored the episode, I had created a”Mohammad Speaks” video, in defense of South Park. This led to another, then another, then another, and so on. That was my catharsis on dealing with this travesty. However, when the DVD came out and I saw it too was censored, that’s when I got furious and made my now also banned video.

Anyway, I have lost all respect for the show. I no longer buy season DVDs. I no longer watch it or even care that much about it. I have since moved my allegiance over to “Family Guy,” a show I once resented because I considered it a show that was jumping on the bandwagon of South Park’s edginess and success. And because to my knowledge there are no episodes of Family Guy that have been banned for life. If Family Guy ever creates an episode that gets pulled because of any lame threat, you can be assured that I will try to restore it…at least until I get a cease and desist letter from Fox. Once again, my deepest regrets to our most recent loss against terrorism. That’s all I have to say. The rest of this page has the basic story of how this whole thing started, if you weren’t originally aware.

(GOOD NEWS UPDATE – SCROLL DOWN TO THE RED)* ———————————————————

Here is the back story of this episode, for those of you not aware of its history.

For those of you not familiar with this story: back in 2010, South Park aired a two part episode for their 200th show.  The episode featured the Muslim prophet Mohammad in a comical way.  Episode 200 aired in its usual fashion.  It was uncensored (and can be found in tact on the DVD).  In the week between episode 200 and 201, there was a death threat on the show’s creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, which prompted the network to censor the upcoming episode 201.  When the show aired, any mention of the name Mohammad was mercilessly bleeped out, as well as an ending speech that lasted about 30 seconds.  It was a distraction to the episode and an embarrassment to the concept of free speech.  You can read more about it here.

The irony is that it was an episode dealing with censorship (the black censorship bars hiding Mohammad were deliberate and part of the joke, but that joke got lost in translation when Cowardly Central put all the audio bleeps at any mention of the name Mohammad).  The message became convoluted and lost because of their censorship on top of the ‘joke’ censorship depicted in the episode.  The viewer didn’t know what was real censoring and what was part of the show.  It ruined a potentially brilliant statement about free speech in America.


When the ‘uncensored’ season 14 DVD came out, that episode was censored, just like it was when it aired.  The episode has NEVER been available anywhere uncensored – not on television, not online, not on the DVD.  This infuriated me (probably more than the creators of the show), as well as many devoted fans of the show, not to mention strong advocates of free speech, which prompted me to take the censored version of the episode, and utilizing the ‘Mohammad’s from previous episodes, carefully restore it to the way it should have originally aired.  The only thing I couldn’t completely restore was the closing speech.  For that I added in subtitles of what was originally said based on a transcript of the show.  Once I made the restored video, every time we posted in on Youtube, it would immediately get pulled.  Then we uploaded it to a site called Megavideo, until the site got closed down by the feds.

As you know, we abhor censorship in any form, especially irrational censorship based on fear or cowardice.  And since this episode was brutally butchered by the powers that be at Cowardly Central, I found myself compelled to ‘fix’ this miscarriage of free expression.  That’s why I went to the trouble and effort to restore the episode as closely as we could get it to Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s original vision.  I had a strong feeling that Matt and Trey would support me on this one.  They were seriously muzzled by their bosses (they couldn’t even say ‘Mohammad’ on the DVD commentary for that episode, which you can listen to here.  They would only refer to him as the ‘prophet of the Muslim faith’) for fear of getting censored.  We make no copyright claims to this, and we get no financial compensation for this.  We do this for the South Park fans (of which we are a part of) who were sorely disappointed at the censorship and unavailability of this episode.  And by restoring it to what it should have been in the first place, maybe send a message to the wimps at Cowardly Central, that free expression should be bigger than fear.


* UPDATE 2-5-14





If you don’t want to watch the entire episode, but will just settle for watching the end speech, you can stream it here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=452803128180744








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15 Responses so far.

  1. Mark Pirro says:

    Although you probably don’t realize that the censorship bar over Mohammad was part of the joke and was the original intention of the creators of the show. When the unedited show leaked to the Internet, the censorship bars over Mohammad were intentional. A lot of people missed that joke because of all the controversy.

  2. Mark Pirro says:

    That’s great. Thanks.

  3. Thought you guys might like this…
    South Park 201: Truly Uncensored. Muhammad DE-Censored

  4. Mark Pirro says:

    Thank you for providing the new links. Freedom of speech needs all the allies it can get.

  5. Some Guy in Tokyo says:

    The recent update on your website gives a torrent link.
    But, for most of us, the big internet ISP’s have blocked torrent sites.
    Please change it to these 2 links:


    Backup link:

    This has been sent to multiple Pirromount contact links.

  6. Mark Pirro says:

    Thank you. And I respect you for your respect.

  7. Mark Pirro says:

    The creators of South Park are restricted by Cowardly Central, but I’m not. The somewhat restored show exists here on this site and will always be available to be downloaded, mirrored and shared. Yes, Cowardly Central buckled under the fear of terrorism and surrendered an important battle, but we, in our small way are carrying on the fight. Freedom of Speech reigns supreme here.

  8. Anonymous says:

    You say it’s just over a cartoon, but where does it stop? Can I not criticize the musilum faith because they’re offended? Where does it stop? Eventually we’ll not be able to do anything if they keep censoring everything. What south park should have done is “leaked” it onto the internet and allowed people to post it all over the web. That way the terrorists couldn’t threaten anyone directly, because it’s simply just on the internet.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Mark I respect you and your views. Keep up the good work

  10. Mark Pirro says:

    Yep, the whole cleverness of the episode was undermined by the real censorship of Cowardly Central. It was supposed to be a statement on the ridiculousness of the whole Mohammad censorship issue from earlier episodes, but the message got lost in the real censorship. The black censorship bar over Mohammad WAS part of the joke, not placed by CC, but inspired by previous episodes that were censored. It was the ultimate satire, but because of the cowardice involved (not by Matt and Trey, who wanted the episode shown in tact, but were muzzled by contractual obligations), the heart of the episode was lost.

  11. Mark Pirro says:

    You say you’re all about free speech, but it appears only if nobody threatens it. You forget that over 235 years ago, people were willing to die for the right to freedom of expression. When it comes to freedom, yes, some of us feel it is still worth fighting for. So yes, I am calling the people who censored this cartoon cowards. The cowards at Comedy Central have the right to tremble and buckle under threats. And I have the right to stand up for what this country was founded on. That’s why I, Mark Pirro, owner of Pirromount Pictures, have done my best to UNCENSOR the episode in the name of freedom. This episode, with every Mohammad restored, is available here and gets over 300 views a day. No matter what happens to me, this uncensored episode is now out there and will ALWAYS be available to view by anyone savvy enough to look for it. That, my friend, is freedom. You’re welcome.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Comedy Central and Matt and Trey were receiving DEATH THREATS (from people that actually follow through with them). You’re calling the people who censored this episode cowards because they didn’t want to die over a cartoon show?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for free speech, but I also believe in picking your battles which is what Comedy Central has done. This is about respect – accepting someones beliefs even if you disagree with them.

    Besides, this isn’t about freedom of speech over issues of slavery, abuse, or even racism – this is over the right to say a persons name on a cartoon show. Do you seriously want people to die so you can watch South Park uncensored?

  13. Anonymous says:

    I thought the bleeping of the ending speech was a family guy style joke and was really upset. It wasn’t until a few days later where Trey made that brief statement about it that I realized “damn”.

  14. MarkP says:

    Tell me about it. That’s why we felt it our ‘duty’ to right this wrong and uncensor the episode as best we could, especially since Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s hands are obviously tied by their agreements with Cowardly Central. And due to the current riots in the middle east because of that amateurish Mohammad bashing movie, Americans need to stand up for free speech even more! It’s sad that people have recently died because of our freedom of expression, but what many forget is that many more died for it over 200 years ago.

  15. Anonymous says:

    This censorship is as outrageous as it is pathetic. When I saw 14×05 & 14×06 originally, I thought that all the censorship was from the network and that their way of depicting Muhammad as well as the closing speech contained something deeply insulting to the Muslim faith. I was pissed at the censorship in principle but thought that the censorship was kind of understandable on a public network.

    But what was censored? An inspirational speech about not holding onto your beliefs so vigorously that you would kill for them (as well as the name “Muhammad”). THAT’s what got censored? Are you fucking kidding me?

Mark Pirro is the Owner of Pirromount Studios.