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The Terrorists Win…AGAIN

The Complete Episode 201 (no Mohammads bleeped)

Those of you who came to see the unedited South Park episode 201, I must regretfully inform you that we have been forced by the pussies that be to take it down.  We originally posted this video because, unlike them, we are not afraid of terrorists, Al Qaeda, Talaban or suicide bombers.  We felt very strongly that when you censor art because somebody has an issue with it, whether it be terrorists or a Sunday school preacher, we devolve back to an era where burning books and destroying rock and roll records were the norm.  We recently received an email which was appropriately resting in our junk mail folder.   Here is an excerpt from it:

I hereby request that you immediately remove or block access to the infringing material and ensure the user refrains from using or sharing with pirromount the Rights Owners’ materials in the future. Additionally I request that the removed link be replaced with the following language: “This video has been removed because of infringement.” I urge you to take immediate action to stop this infringing activity and inform me of the results of your actions. Please respond indicating the actions you have taken to resolve this matter. For email correspondence, please reference the above Notice ID in the subject line. Nothing in this letter shall serve as a waiver of any rights or remedies of the Rights Owners with respect to the alleged infringement, all of which are expressly reserved. In addition, this notice is without prejudice to the positions that you have an affirmative obligation to prevent or limit infringement of the Rights Owners’ exclusive rights without regard to receiving a specific takedown notice. In complying with this notice, pirromount should not destroy or spoliate any evidence which may be relevant in a lawsuit relating to the infringement alleged herein, including the infringing videos and all associated electronic documents and data relating to their presence on pirromount.com, which shall be preserved while disabling public access, irrespective of any document retention or corporate policy to the contrary. Should you need to contact me, I may be reached at the following address: Warren Solow Viacom 1515 Broadway New York, NY 10036 v: (408) 217-5000 agent@viacom.copyright-notice.com end of email.


Naturally, we admit that they are completely within their rights to demand the video be taken down, as it is indeed derived from their property. And although we are never ones to buckle under the threat of religious zealots (as you know if you’re familiar with our Submissive Jesus Toy, or God Complex movie), which is why we restored the video in the first place, we must buckle under the threat of a company whose lawyers have much bigger dicks than our lawyers. And we understand that legally they have the right to do so (unlike terrorists, of course, who just use the threat of violence to get their way). Maybe one day the cowards who restricted this video in the first place and continually restrict this video will ultimately come to their senses and release the uncensored episode. Maybe some brave soul at Viacom will research history and learn that the very foundation of this country was founded on people fighting for their freedom of expression. Maybe they will learn that there was once a time when actual people died defending that freedom. I was a huge fan of the South Park show. It was edgy and strong willed, and I had nothing but admiration for the show and its creators, Matt and Trey. As a satirist and comedy filmmaker, my appreciation for the edginess of the show had no bounds. I bought every DVD of every season and cherished the cleverness of each episode as if I had created them myself. I think that’s why I got personally offended when the episode got censored. Maybe I was vicariously fighting Matt and Trey’s battle by restoring the episode. In fact, before I restored the episode(and before I knew that the episode would NEVER be available, which I always thought would be restored when it came out on DVD), I had created a”Mohammad Speaks” video, in defense of South Park. This led to another, then another, then another, and so on. That was my catharsis on dealing with this travesty. However, when the DVD came out and I saw it too was censored, that’s when I got furious and made my now also banned video. Anyway, I have lost all respect for the show. I no longer buy season DVDs. I no longer watch it or even care that much about it. I have since moved my allegiance over to “Family Guy,” a show I once resented because I considered it a show that was jumping on the bandwagon of South Park’sedginess and success. And because to my knowledge there are no episodes of Family Guy that have been banned for life. If Family Guy ever creates an episode that gets pulled because of any lame threat, you can be assured that I will try to restore it…at least until I get a cease and desist letter from Fox. Once again, my deepest regrets to our most recent loss against terrorism. That’s all I have to say. The rest of this page has the bask story of how this whole thing started, if you weren’t originally aware.


Here is the back story of this episode, for those of you not aware of its history.

For those of you not familiar with this story: back in 2010, South Park aired a two part episode for their 200th show.  The episode featured the Muslim prophet Mohammad in a comical way.  Episode 200 aired in its usual fashion.  It was uncensored (and can be found in tact on the DVD).  In the week between episode 200 and 201, there was a death threat on the show’s creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, which prompted the network to censor the upcoming episode 201.  When the show aired, any mention of the name Mohammad was mercilessly bleeped out, as well as an ending speech that lasted about 30 seconds.  It was a distraction to the episode and an embarrassment to the concept of free speech.  You can read more about it here.

The irony is that it was an episode dealing with censorship (the black censorship bars hiding Mohammad were deliberate and part of the joke, but that joke got lost in translation when Cowardly Central put all the audio bleeps at any mention of the name Mohammad).  The message became convoluted and lost because of their censorship on top of the ‘joke’ censorship depicted in the episode.  The viewer didn’t know what was real censoring and what was part of the show.  It ruined a potentially brilliant statement about free speech in America.


When the ‘uncensored’ season 14 DVD came out, that episode was censored, just like it was when it aired.  The episode has NEVER been available anywhere uncensored – not on television, not online, not on the DVD.  This infuriated me (probably more than the creators of the show), as well as many devoted fans of the show, not to mention strong advocates of free speech, which prompted me to take the censored version of the episode, and utilizing the ‘Mohammad’s from previous episodes, carefully restore it to the way it should have originally aired.  The only thing I couldn’t completely restore was the closing speech.  For that I added in subtitles of what was originally said based on a transcript of the show.  Once I made the restored video, every time we posted in on Youtube, it would immediately get pulled.  Then we uploaded it to a site called Megavideo, until the site got closed down by the feds.

As you know, we abhor censorship in any form, especially irrational censorship based on fear or cowardice.  And since this episode was brutally butchered by the powers that be at Cowardly Central, I found myself compelled to ‘fix’ this miscarriage of free expression.  That’s why I went to the trouble and effort to restore the episode as closely as we could get it to Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s original vision.  I had a strong feeling that Matt and Trey would support me on this one.  They were seriously muzzled by their bosses (they couldn’t even say ‘Mohammad’ on the DVD commentary for that episode, which you can listen to here.  They would only refer to him as the ‘prophet of the Muslim faith’) for fear of getting censored.  We make no copyright claims to this, and we get no financial compensation for this.  We do this for the South Park fans (of which we are a part of) who were sorely disappointed at the censorship and unavailability of this episode.  And by restoring it to what it should have been in the first place, maybe send a message to the wimps at Cowardly Central, that free expression should be bigger than fear.


UPDATE 2-5-14




UPDATE 2-5-18

Unfortunately the above link is no longer valid.  Looks like that episode was taken down once again.  However, you can at least still see the uncensored speech from the end of the episode here (at least until IT gets taken down): https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=452803128180744








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  1. Kevin says:

    Thank you for this. I completely agree with you about the fight for freedom of speech and expression. Thank you for posting this information and the uncensored link!

  2. Damian says:

    Well, you still point for a needle in a haystick smaller now.

    In the meantime I tracked down the episodes down
    to minutes an seconds of his appearance.

    I suppose you knew these epsisodes including the exact times either but you had and have your reasons not to tell.

    So I will not either, as a matter of respect.

    Take care

  3. Mark Pirro says:

    It’s on the Season 14 DVD. How much more frank can we be?

  4. Damian says:


    Please be frank.

    Which one please?


  5. Fuzz says:

    To all people who are saying this uncensored version isn’t legit I played it alongside the bleeped version on a separate monitor – it’s the same animation and the lip synching works for the words used. This is the real deal, see for yourself if you don’t believe me.

  6. I wonder what sort of intellectual property rights to the show that matt and trey have. I’m sure viacom holds a good chunk of it, but does it ever revert to them at some point as the original creators? (side bar, this is why is miss VHS sometimes, can’t get a dvd to record a live episode) at SOME point i need to be able to see 200, 201, and super best freinds. The fact that we censored this just depresses me more then almost anything ive see in this country for years. we betrayedour founding principal of free, that of the mind. if any brave souls out there know where to find these episodes, me, stone and parker, and america are in your debt.
    P.Sn does anyone else think that the Cripple Summer Camp was only made because it was the MOST offensive thing stone and parker could think of, and aired as a purposefull F.U. to viacom?

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  13. elina says:

    thank you!!!!

  14. *censored by viacom* says:


  15. Miller says:

    thank you

  16. theterrorist says:

    i’m mo****d i want to b***b comedy central studios

  17. PewDiePie says:

    Dream come true…


    Me playing south park game

  18. Jim says:

    Here you go:

    And it’s exactly the version you have above in the facebook link. Fine work. Thanks dude.

  19. Viacom says:


  20. Trey Parker says:

    Shut-Up Matt

  21. Matt Stone says:


  22. Trey Parker says:

    Uploading a Link 🙂 come back soon!

  23. Mark Pirro says:

    Fear is the worst excuse for censorship.

  24. Mark Pirro says:

    Time for a class action lawsuit!

  25. Mark Pirro says:

    I just checked it. It still appears to be up.

  26. Anonymous says:

    here what has happend last night

    ”buy south park season 14 UNCENSORED! dvd”
    ”put disc in the dvd player”
    ”ep.201 is censored”

    And the cover says this is uncensored

    Comedy Central… YOU ARE A LIAR!

  27. hm says:

    I can see how Kyle’s final speech would be bleeped because network fears not all people understand sarcasm and just were afraid it would spark the “violence”.

  28. Mark Pirro says:

    Dead link. Keep trying.

  29. Mark Pirro says:

    That’s a dead link. We created this video on information we had available to us. You give us credible alternates and we will create a corrected video. Unlike the mindless haters and trolls like you that we periodically encounter (and mostly ignore), we’re willing to correct mistakes. Have a nice day, Brainiac.

  30. Mark Pirro says:

    Where is it? If you have it and can confirm it as legitimate, we will create a corrected version (rather than sit back, hate filled, eating Cheetos, trolling and pointlessly condemning efforts to battle censorship)

  31. Mitch Connor says:

    Now that the full episode has leaked, this goofy shit is obsolete. Just want to inform new visitors looking for the actual leak that this is not what they’re looking for.

  32. Jon says:

    I knew you were full of it. I was the one from this post : “Jon says:
    September 3, 2013 at 2:25 am
    BS on the end speech

    Mark Pirro Reponds:
    Always nice to hear from an authority.”

    You are a liar and you were promoting some hateful BS on your website. Here is the real link you jackass:


  33. Joel141290 says:

    Awesome lesson at the end!! thank you for restoring this episode the best you could thank you 😉

  34. John says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for making that episode available.

  35. Andrew says:

    Thank you for sharing this, it’s a shame they couldn’t have had this uncensored, it is such a crucial message that I think applies to any belief system.

  36. Blah blah guy says:

    Someone should threaten South Park studios to send them an uncensored version of this with Muhammad’s character voice name and Tom cruise, all uncensored, and see if we get the episode then it should work or maybe we should just threaten those pussies at Comedy Central for it.

  37. Lily says:

    Thanks for the post. I don’t much care for the unbleeped uses of the word Muhammad from the previous episode, as I think we all know they were saying “Muhammad”, but the end moral speech is an interesting read.
    I do suggest you type it out somewhere, if you can, as I know I don’t need to watch the whole video, and ended up just skipping ahead. Or maybe also post just that short clip.

    It’s really frustrating that this is the best we can get, as it obviously wasn’t the final speech Trey and Matt referenced in their press release, but a early draft mentioning Muhammad is still worth the watch.

    as Trey and Matt said “In fact, Kyle’s customary final speech was about intimidation and fear. It didn’t mention Muhammad at all but it got bleeped too. ”

    So the mystery has yet to be solved, but your effort is appreciated none the less. I know they edit and alter the episodes up until the last minute, especially with such threats of censorship and violence, so it’s next to impossible to know for sure without getting info from the few people who recorded the speech, screened the episode, and those who censored it. I’m surprised though that no one in power released it anyways years later. Unfortunately, intimidation and fear won.

  38. Bryce Cato says:

    Hey thanks for posting this I was jw if could find episode 200?

  39. Nicole says:

    all the muhammads were beeped

  40. Mark Pirro says:

    Always nice to hear from an authority.

  41. Mark Pirro says:

    Thanks for the kind words. There will always be people that spew forth negativity, anger and downright hate. It comes with the territory. But people like you, who appreciate our efforts, make it worthwhile.

  42. stu says:


    Thanks so much for posting this. Its a shame it was censored in the first place. People should be able to see it without fear or censorship! And your right, people can believe what they want to, they don’t need to attack you for doing something good and right.


  43. Mark Pirro says:

    …and you come across loving and sensitive. I can’t figure out why we’re not best friends.

  44. Anonymous says:

    mark you come across as a total dick.

  45. Jon says:

    BS on the end speech

  46. Mark Pirro says:

    Episode 200 was not censored. The trouble came between the two airings, when CC removed all audio of the word Mohammad and Kyle’s end speech from episode 201. Anyway, people will believe what they want to believe, and I’m done arguing the point.

  47. John says:

    Actually, 200 and 201 were censored by comedy central before air. Stone and Parker have explicitly stated the censorship was not done by them and not some meta-joke about the depiction of Muhammad.

  48. Mark Pirro says:

    Your facts are not entirely correct. Yes, Mohammad was shown in the SBF episode of season 5. In the week between episode 200 and 201, the death threat was made. Episode 201 DID air on Comedy Central as scheduled, however it aired with all the Mohammads and the end speech bleeped out (it has since been pulled from syndication). Everything else (ie black censorship bars) WERE put in there by Matt and Trey as a joke. In fact, look at how the bars move with the action. And if you pay close attention, you’ll notice that when the scene calls for a close up of Mohammad, it’s a close up of a censorship bar, where the entire word censored doesn’t even show. Studios don’t censor images that way. They don’t write the words censored over black bars. If it were really studio censored, there would be nothing more than a solid black or blue bar, or more than likely a pixilated image. The fact that the word “censored” was put there by Matt and Trey was to help the people who weren’t smart enough to figure it out for themselves. Obviously it didn’t work once Comedy Central damaged the episode. That censored bar joke goes back to the “Cartoon Wars” episodes of season 10. Same joke. Censorship bars put over Mohammad with the words ‘censored’ or as I recall ‘censored by the Canadian Television Network’ which was done intentionally. The only UNINTENTIONAL censorship of that episode was when Matt and Trey placed a disclaimer at the end explaining that Comedy Central refused to allow them to show Mohammad on their network. The more astute members of the audience can see how obvious this is, but as I said before, that joke got lost on many. Anyway, whether it’s South Park, Mohammad, Jesus or 9/11 conspiracy theories. Just believe whatever you want.

  49. David says:

    Nothing in episode 201 is a joke. That episode was released censored due to threats on the lives of both Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Also because the Comedy Central Corporation didn’t want Muslim retaliation for the depiction of Muhammad. However, In the episode Super Best Friends (Season 5 Episode 3) the image of Muhammad isn’t censored at all. Episode 200 originally aired uncensored, but that was prior to threats made. The day episode 201 was set to air, Comedy Central pulled it without the consent of the authors instead replacing that episode with a re-run. The next episode to play of South Park on Comedy Central was the extremely censored episode 201. The entirety of the episode was censored intentionally–but not for satirical purposes. It is impossible to find episodes 200, 201, or Super Best Friends anywhere though these three episodes were among the very best in the entirety of the South Park series. The only way I was able to view any of them was through someone who just so happened to DVR them when they aired originally. The only way to see the uncut version of episode 201 would be to have Trey Parker or Matt Stone show it to you themselves.

  50. Mark Pirro says:

    I guess you just can’t please everybody.

  51. Anrdrew says:

    You say this is uncut/uncensored, well how come the f-bombs are still beep, sorry this is still censored

  52. Mark Pirro says:

    We do our best to advance freedom of speech and oppress cowardice, wherever we find it.

  53. Mark Pirro says:

    And obviously you’ve got the inside track. Please, share with us what your version of the script says.

  54. Mark Pirro says:

    You do realize that the black bar censoring the image of Mohammad is intentional in the episode, right? See, this is the problem with Cowardly Central censoring the word Mohammad. Because of that, the less astute out there don’t comprehend what’s part of the joke and what isn’t.

  55. Sayan Saha says:

    The Muhammads are still censored. Something is wrong in the system!

  56. Anonymous says:

    Wow everyone here believed that was real? So obviously fake and terribly written… No one here knows south park or matt and treys writing apparently..

  57. I’m impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s equally educative and engaging, and
    let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. The problem is something not
    enough men and women are speaking intelligently about. Now i’m very happy that I stumbled across this during my search for something concerning this.

  58. Brian D. says:

    Thank you very much! That was amazing. I don’t know if the ending speech was actually the original, but I will accept it. It does seem like something Muslims would threaten terror over. Thank you again!

  59. hsiuhdoah says:

    Mohammads gay

  60. Gustav says:

    Muslim could really learn from this.
    Not only south park do have crazy funny humor but they also are so fucking clever and smart, that’s what makes them unique. Crazy fantasy combined with cleverness.

    Thanks for upload, i hope this is’nt just something you made up, and if you did u are pretty good.(would love to hear where you got it from)

  61. Chris says:

    TO EVERYONE HAVING TROUBLE DOWNLOADING: Get Firefox, then get an add-on called Flash Video Downloader. You will be able to get it with no problems, I assure you

  62. Chris says:

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I always thought Comedy Central had ruined what would otherwise be an excellent inclusion in the South Park library. This would have been a classic milestone episode had the network not decided to be cowardly bitches. I don’t care if the speech isn’t real. I don’t care what all these haters are saying. Until Trey and Matt independently release an uncensored version of this episode (which will most likely never happen), this is the absolute best thing we are going to get. So once again, THANK YOU for all your hard work. Us true fans really, really, really appreciate it

  63. Ryan says:

    fuck muslims u fucking pieces of sand monkey arab fuckbags

  64. ebebr says:

    lol america slaughters thousands of kids and unarmed and old people and they scared to show mohammed? lol i stream mohammed carricatures in the internet every single day and im still alive. im stronger than islam. and everyone is invited to kill me ;D;D pls come here and try ;D;D

  65. ebebr says:

    why ony mostly uncensored? why didnt u buy the original uncut and uncensored dvd and uploade dit from there?

  66. clubo says:

    Awesome work Mark, should never of been censored in the first place. Had a bit of trouble downloading(from Ireland) it but thanks to firefox’s dl mgr managed to get it all down.

    Shame on you Paramount!

  67. Dmonster says:

    wow its retarded that they wont put this on youtube or tv because it makes religious people look stupid

  68. Pratheesh says:

    You are the Voltaire of this century.Keep it up.

  69. blackoutworm says:

    Horribly edited, but better than nothing.
    I’d appreciate it if you could try again though.
    And Kyle’s speech at the end was incorrect .

  70. TC_E says:

    Thank you for putting this up. I had to reload it multiple times to watch the complete episode, but it was worth it. I was watching it on a Kindle Fire though, with the Silk browser, so,ya know.
    Now episode 200 is no longer available to watch on South Park Studios, or Netflix. As well as the original “Super Best Friends” episode, from season five. I wonder where this is going to stop? I mean, every episode is offensive to somebody!? This is sad…

  71. Anonymous says:

    good job man, thanks for not bowing down to the simplistic view that America has; not everything is black and white.

  72. Jesus says:

    Thank you for making this! Sadly when I tried to upload it to youtube it immediately got pulled 🙁

  73. Mark Pirro says:

    I wish I could. I did twice, and both times it was pulled almost immediately.

  74. yf7tdfi says:

    If only you could upload this to youtube.

  75. BVally says:

    thank you for putting this on here and doing your best also its sad people are freaking out about the last speech i mean who cares if its real or not its like they didn’t even get the message behind episode 200 and 201 i may be wrong but the main point of both was the same point the speech was trying to get out its the fact that we all have our own beliefs and nothing anyone does can stop it nor will censoring ANYTHING change that fact that we can think and say whatever we want to whoever we want whenever we want because its our choice i just wish the fat cats at comedy central would get fired for bashing our right of free speech i mean hell its not like it stopped us from watching it thanks to you 😀 nor will it keep people from saying those no no words that we all learn in grade-school or before not like censorship stopped that but to me any religion that doesn’t treat all equally should be abolished because such blind beliefs are what is killing our race and of course im talking about Muslims and the fact that they treat women like objects and not very nice objects at that and the simple fact that comedy central is scared of repercussions from these people is none other then pathetic and cowardly also sorry for the run on 😛

  76. s4b says:

    TERRIBLE. Only loads the first handful of minutes, cuts out when santa comes out of the bear suit. I’ll just get the DVDs from Netflix. This isn’t worth my time.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Mohammads Mohammads Mohammads

  78. Flubber says:

    lol it’s still stupid how muhhamid is bleebed by comedy central, but they never censor out that episode when Kyle had to kill jesus, and all the times Cartmen makes fun of jews.

    Wtf comedy central so you think it’s okay to make fun of one religion and theology. But when a musslem goes ape shit crazzy threatening to blow themself to shit, you have to crawl under your desks and bitch and cry.
    I never found any southpark offensive. I think the fact that Matt and Tray are willing to make fun of anybody,shows they have balls some people don’t have.

    Lol and always loved how Muhhamid was uncesered in the Siper Best Friends episode.

  79. Anonymous says:

    AWESOME THANK YOU SO MUCH IT WAS PERFECT QUALITY not sure if the end was the real ending but nobody can know for sure

  80. bklynch says:

    Like Marko mentioned, you may have to pause and unpause the download a few times (although I just downloaded using the browser without Star Downloader).

  81. bklynch says:

    Disappointed but not surprised this was censored during television broadcast, but I am still in awe that the DVD release was as well. Thanks for getting a hold of this and putting together the subs, especially appreciated taking out the long bleeps during the final monologues while still keeping the music.

  82. Dave Watson says:

    There was way too much lag. I had to refresh the website around 15 times before I could play the whole video all at once. Also, It took around an hour to load!

  83. MarkP says:

    Couldn’t care less. We restored the episode because we’re against censorship and were offended by Comedy Central’s cowardice. We used a transcript from a credible source. People can make of it what they will.

  84. huh says:

    i mean it’s cool and everything that you went through the trouble to make this but i hope you’re not surprised if people don’t believe you with absolutely no proof


  85. MarkP says:

    Why are you so hostile? We went to the trouble of restoring the episode to the best of our ability. We utilized information that was made available to us from a draft of the script we were told to be true. If you believe you have more accurate information, then give it to us and we will change it. Aside from that, we have nothing to discuss.

  86. huh says:

    well can’t you say anything more convincing than “BELIEVE WHAT YOU WANT… MY BROTHER’S AUNT’S COUSIN’S MOTHER-IN-LAW’S NEPHEW WORKS AT SOUTH PARK…..” ?

  87. MarkP says:

    Believe whatever you want.

  88. "I'M SO PISSED-OFF"! says:

    That was *NOT* what Trey Parker and Matt Stone said their speech was about. They specifically said Mohammed was never even mentioned in it. You made up that transcript yourself.

  89. "I'M SO PISSED-OFF"! says:

    There is no news anywhere of anyone having discovered what Kyle/Stan’s epiphany was at the end of the episode. Why should I believe this site has it?


  90. Marko says:

    For those that can’t download, try using a program like Star Downloader to download the episode. Once the download speed gets low, or the connections to the file (4) are timed out, just click pause, and then resume and it will reconnect and continue downloading.

  91. Nagash says:

    im from poland and videos won’t load for me either. would it be possible to for some1 to rewrite the texts of the speeches here in comments? you know that we need it. whether it is true or not, i want to have some insight

  92. MarkP says:

    I’m really sorry you’re having trouble with this video. I wish I had a good answer.

    There is no place else I can upload this. All video sites (youtube, vimeo, etc.) take it down immediately after it’s uploaded.

  93. Jonatan says:

    Downloads and streams either won’t load or stops loading after a few sec. I’m from Sweden and have 40mbit so bandwidth is not my problem. Perhaps the servers/ISPs currently hosting the files don’t “like” Sweden? Would it be possible to upload the files somewhere else?

  94. Thank you very much for posting this episode! I was looking forward to finally get an oppurtunity to watch it.

    Why not post episode 68 and 200 as well?

  95. MarkP says:

    I’m sorry you’re having trouble with this. It runs fine here. I know there have been one or two other people why have also had issues with this too, which is why we have two different streaming versions and one download. It seems to work for the majority. I really don’t know what else we can do.

  96. MB says:

    the download stops over and over again the streaming dosent work can´t you re-upload this

  97. Anonymous says:

    thank you so much for posting this!

  98. jack says:

    i happened to stumble upon this and i think its terrible what the creators of this show have done. i love south park and its creators have got creative minds but dont make an episode that offends a religion of over 2 billion people. i think thats a little abuse of your first amendment dont you think ?

  99. MarkP says:

    Keep trying. Computers are complicated animals and if one thing is out of whack, from Java to Acrobat to bandwidth to you name it, it could hinder the video running experience. We created three options to help minimize that problem. If only sites like Youtube would let us post these, we wouldn’t have to deal with these issues. Anyway, as I say, keep trying, these will always be available for you here.

  100. Stefan says:

    want to say thank you for restoring this episode 🙂
    south park should not be censored.

    thanks again from germany 🙂

  101. Magnus Hammersmith says:

    Hate to say this, but none of the three options are working for me and I’m using Chrome. I will try another web browser and see what happens, but I really want to see this episode. So glad you are at least making this available to the public.

  102. MarkP says:

    That’s odd. Can’t you just watch it streaming?

  103. Code says:

    Could you upload the subtitles too? I can’t load this episode, every time I try to download the download stops before it is complete.

  104. Cartman says:

    Thank you for restoring this episode, i would hate see south park censored, you’re a hero to me

  105. MarkP says:

    Well said. That’s why we fight the enemies of free speech by restoring this cartoon as closely as we can to its original form. Matt Stone and Trey Parker may be contractually obligated to abide by Cowardly Central’s decision to buckle under the pressure, but we’re not.

  106. Wil says:

    Thank you so much for this upload. I’m glad we have people like you who still believe in free speech. The whole censorship of this is a joke, political “correctness” gone mad, as what can be more politically incorrect in a free society than destroying free speech for the sake of the sensibilities of a minority of permanently offended fascists who call themselves liberal but are the first to tell people what they can’t do and how to think. Sadly the internet, once the last bastion of freedom seems now to be under siege from these people. Well we who believe in freedom will not go quietly.

  107. MarkP says:

    Super Best Friends was from South Park’s fifth season, which aired in July of 2001. The episode has since been pulled from the air as well as most Internet sites since it’s become ‘illegal’ to show Mohammad. Pretty fucked up, huh? Fortunately, since it originally came out before the ban, it can be found on the Season five DVD as well as bit torrent sites.

  108. SEB says:

    I’ve seen every episode except super best friends but i’ve only see 200 and 201 once and all the others multiple times.

  109. The Joker says:

    Thank you for putting this up as I only cought it one time and seen it again was just great–Even if i was at work watching it. For most who dont know and to us comic book geeks or batman nerds. This episode was by far the best one the best Batman Parodys they ever done out of one of the best Batman Story lines ever. Batman-Killing Joke. Sure it was not exact on the book but was close enough with the Two Gengers keeping Cartman on the ride while scott tennerman went on like the Joker. Just Epic!

  110. MarkP says:

    You’re quite welcome. Your appreciation, and the appreciation of all fans of free speech makes it all worth it.

  111. Hunter says:

    Thank you for this episode. The lesson is almost straight out of Joseph Campbell’s thoughts, it seems.

  112. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this. The idiotic censorship did kind of ruin the moments from an otherwise brilliant episode but I did try to have my own fun by inserting other words into the bleeps. Having it out in the open is greatly, greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  113. MarkP says:

    Whatever you say.

  114. MarkP says:

    Not to get hung up on symantics, but we did indeed ‘remove’ the bleeps by replacing them with dialog from other episodes. Except for the final speech, you don’t hear any bleeps, do you?

    We received the transcript of the final speech from a reliable source close to the show. As we weren’t there in the recording booth to verify, we will take him for his word. It’s not exactly state secrets we’re revealing here.

  115. MarkP says:

    Someone close to the show. Admittedly, he claims that the speech may have been from an early draft and might not have been what was intended for the final product, but one does what one can.

  116. wayngrove says:

    Thank you so much for the restoration. I do have a question though; what was your source for the “I learned something today” speech?

  117. MarkP says:

    That’s why we felt it was important to restore the episode to the best of our ability, especially after the DVD came out with the episode censored.

  118. SirSmokesalot says:

    It’s sad that muslims expect so much tolerance of their strange rules but are the most intolerant. Matt and Trey are true believers of free speech, and whether or not the subs for Kyle’s speech at the end were accurate or not, this was a good restoration of that travesty that has such been censored and almost disregarded as an episode–on Netflix and SPStudios.

  119. MarkP says:

    Yes. We never bothered posting episode 200 because that one went out uncensored.

  120. Anonymous says:

    do you have episode 200?

  121. DarthSauron says:

    Pretty hard to find that episode at all. Didn’t manage to find it in Russia, glad to find it here.

  122. The subtitles are made up. Trey has said that Kyle didn’t mention Muhammad in his speech, yet that’s the FIRST word in the subs. FAIL. South Park Studios hasn’t revealed what Kyle, Santa and Jesus said, and probably isn’t allowed to.

  123. Ultroman says:

    Well, you replaced the bleeps with voice-clips from episode “200”, which is all fine as it is not possible for anyone to “remove the bleeps” and get the original audio out. I’m just saying this, because I know a lot of people are ignorant enough to believe anyone can actually do that 🙂

    What I’m most curious about, is the text-over of the speeches near the end. The words don’t really match their lips. Are the speeches just something you made up? I like the Coca Cola reference, in any case 🙂

  124. MarkP says:

    No, Mohammad’s image censorship was part of the joke and was animated that way by Matt and Trey. It was done to express the irony of cartoon censorship overall. The joke was lost on many people because of Comedy Central’s real censorship of the words in that episode. Try to catch an older episode of South Park called, “Cartoon Wars” from their 10th season to better understand how this ongoing Comedy Central censorship battle with South Park regarding Mohammad has gone.

  125. Peter R says:

    Anywhere I can find the episode where the “Mohammad” image is intact?

    Can the image be edited into the episode if not?

  126. MarkP says:

    Every time you hear the name “Mohammad,” that’s what’s been uncensored. When the episode aired on TV and on the season 14 DVD, all the Mohammads are bleeped out. In other words, in the original episode 201, you never hear the word Mohammad without a bleep covering it. We’ve taken away the bleeps. Hope that makes it less confusing.

  127. Peter R says:

    Which “Mohammads” are uncensored? Mi es confusio.

  128. MarkP says:

    You’re obviously not familiar with this episode. Read the description. It explains it all.

  129. Peter R says:

    What Exactly is uncensored?

  130. MarkP says:

    We will always do our part to enforce freedom of expression. (standing on soapbox) When someone diminishes the genius of a South Park episode with cowardly omissions, we’re here to set it right!

  131. Dylan says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! This episode needed to be seen by everyone, but sadly censorship got out of hand. I have finally seen every episode of South Park. Mohammed bless you!:D

  132. MarkP says:

    You’re very welcome.

  133. Steve from MD says:

    > I had seen every episode of South Park except episode 201. Thanks to you and your website, I was finally able to see the whole episode. Thank you so much for putting it on your website for free, despite Comedy Central thinking it would be unsafe to make available on the South Park Studios website OR through instant streaming on Netflix. The same is true for Super Best Friends and 200, but they are on the Project Free TV website. I truly appreciate your bravery, your dedication to not being ruled by fear, and your commitment to free speech. So again, I thank you 🙂

  134. MarkP says:

    What are you using, Windows 95 with dial up? This seems to work for everyone else.

  135. Anonymous says:

    It is a shame the download does not work and buffering takes so long and actually broke when eric got to engineering place.

  136. Anonymous says:

    Wow, finally an uncensored version!

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