30 minute Phone Consultation with Director Mark Pirro


Mark Pirro will offer 1/2 hour phone consultations on filmmaking for $50.  Add this product to cart and we will contact you via email to set up a day and time for the phone conversation to happen.  Also, there’s a bonus to this call: you will also get an Autographed DVD of your choice of any of our available films.



Cast and crew of Rage of Innocence, director Pirro looking maniacal behind the camera

As you may know, we have been making ultra low budget feature films for a very long time (first film produced in 1983), and we get many emails from young filmmakers asking how we’ve been able to produce films for 35 years without going broke in the process.  Well, the trick has always been to not spend a lot of money on production. Whether it be production itself, or post production, a filmmaker must always keep in mind that they will not be able to compete with Hollywood – where even a low budget film (by their standards) could feed and house several families for a lifetime.  So, get the multi-million dollar budget dreams out of your head and think realistically.

Now, if you wish to go completely independent and shoot your film for a few hundred thousand dollars, you’re still taking a big risk, since the odds of you making even that investment back is very slim.  Even if you’re fortunate enough to get your film on one of the streaming sites: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc; the return is not that great (literally pennies per minute viewed) unless your film really generates serious heat, and that’s pretty unlikely.

So what’s a creative type like you to do?  You want to express yourself cinematically, but don’t want to mortgage your house or borrow from your rich uncle to do it. With today’s technology, practically every home computer now comes with some kind of editing software, and even Iphones come with superior cameras built into them, so there is no excuse technologically why you can’t shoot your own film.  However, there’s a certain psychological mindset that goes into making a film, and that is not quite so black and white.  To understand that mindset, one needs to converse with people who have done it before and understand how it works.  How do you get people to put in their time, day after day, to see your film through to completion?  How do you keep them from flaking out on you?  I’ve had actors flake out on me over the years, but it’s happened less and less as I have honed in my opening speech when they come aboard.  This is not necessarily something you can learn in a film school or by taking a crash film course.

Well, we’ve decided to offer consultation to help you get your project going.  Started 2018, I offer 1/2 hour phone consultations for $50.  How does it work?  Simple: You add this to your cart, paying via secured Paypal.  We will then contact you via email to set up a day and time for the phone conversation to happen.  You can ask any questions and they will be answered to the best of my ability.  Also, there’s a bonus to this call: you will also get an Autographed DVD of your choice of any of our available films.

We can talk about anything; from writing a screenplay keeping a low budget in mind, to what to look for when hiring actors you need to stick around for the duration of the shoot.  From what’s the best way to stretch your dollar and achieve the best results, to why you shouldn’t serve bananas on the set.  So, if you feel that this is something that you can benefit from, contact us via email and we can set this up.  This could be the best money you spend on your already ultra low budget production.

Dennis Kinard, Judy Tenuta and Bruce Heinsius at work on "Celluloid Soul."

With a minimal crew; Dennis Kinard as the star, Bruce Heinsius on Camera, and Judy Tenuta on the set of Pirromount’s 2017 romance comedy, “Celluloid Soul.”  The budget was so low it’s too embarrassing to reveal.


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