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It’s fun to mock a moron, especially a moron who has taken on more responsibility than he can handle.  Since this brainiac has become the leader of America, he has lowered our status on the world stage to a level that we haven’t been at since before world war II.  Well, here’s another in our  [ Read More ]

Our New Trump Video – Nobody Brags it Better

by Mark Pirro    • May 20, 2017

As the Trump presidency hopefully starts winding down, we thought we would put together a little tribute to everything he has boasted and bragged about from his campaigning days.  Nobody bullshits more than this orange moron and he certainly deserves a song devoted to it.  So,  sung to the tune of Carly Simon’s theme song  [ Read More ]

Two Pirromount actresses with two new movies

by Mark Pirro    • May 2, 2017

  First, we’d like to congratulate our own Lauren Baldwin (God Complex, Rage of Innocence, Celluloid Soul) for landing a scene in the new Tom Hanks movie “The Circle.” She plays a character named Gretchen in the film. I’m told it’s a quick scene but she definitely is there, and that’s not too shabby.  As  [ Read More ]


by Mark Pirro    • February 9, 2017

Here is the theatrical trailer for our 2017 feature “Celluloid Soul,” starring Dennis Kinard, Lauren Baldwin, Bill Devlin, Azize Erim and featuring comedian Judy Tenuta. The movie is about a frustrated writer who falls in love with an unknown actress from a few 1930s b-movies.  He becomes so obsessed that he tries to find out  [ Read More ]

The FINAL Marky Fun Tape now online

by Mark Pirro    • January 28, 2017
Close up of Marky with the words Marky Fun Tape over it

  After over 21 years of fundom, the Marky Fun Tape series comes to its conclusion with the 2016 edition.  For those of you in the know, you know that these videos were started over two decades ago as a way of entertaining relatives and close friends (they were originally nothing more than home movies on  [ Read More ]

New Deathrow Gameshow Review

by Mark Pirro    • January 28, 2017

  Hey, look at this.  Another review of Deathrow Gameshow, and one of the rare ones that DOESN’T mention The Running Man in it.  We’ve been getting great feedback since this film was put out on bluray by Vinegar Syndrome.  And you know, it’s kind of interesting that where was really once a time when reality  [ Read More ]

DEATHROW GAMESHOW Bluray/DVD combo pack now available

by Mark Pirro    • December 29, 2016

The long awaited blu ray of Deathrow Gameshow has finally arrived. After 30 years, there finally is a copy of this movie that you can actually appreciate. The image has been meticulously transferred and it even comes with the 2015 remastered version that we created to ‘fix’ all the problems that the original version had.  [ Read More ]

The 12 Days of Trumpmas

by Mark Pirro    • December 18, 2016

As we bid a fond farewell to democracy as we remember it, we end 2016 with a new Trump video.  Written and directed by Mark Pirro, Performed by Anne DeVenzio.  

Filming a Realistic Accident

by Mark Pirro    • November 14, 2016
Azize Erim in Pirromount's Celluloid Soul

Creating a car accident scene is never easy, especially creating that car accident without spending any money, destroying or even scratching a car.  We recently took on that challenge as we arrived at the final shooting day of principal photography for our upcoming movie, Celluloid Soul.  For convenience, we decided to use my car, a 2011 red  [ Read More ]

Pirromount takes to the air

by Mark Pirro    • October 26, 2016
Getting Aerial shot for Pirromount's film Celluloid Soul

We’re taking to the air for our new film, Celluloid Soul.  Drone pilot Ace Cruz worked with second unit director Craig Bassuk and director of photography Bruce Heinsius to work on a car accident scene that we are creating for our 2017 feature.  The drone will allow us to get some grand aerial shots for  [ Read More ]

Our New Trump Video

by Mark Pirro    • October 21, 2016
Judy Tenuta and Mark Pirro in "World Accordion to Judy" video

Comedian Judy Tenuta stars with Mark Pirro in our latest Trump parody video.  In this one, The Donald’s wife, Malaria, stands by her orange hubby as she attempts to clear up and explain away all the nasty things her husband has said and done over the past few weeks.  This is the latest in our  [ Read More ]

Almost Done with Principal Photography on “Celluloid Soul”

by Mark Pirro    • September 23, 2016

  So far, we’ve shot 27 days on our upcoming feature film “Celluloid Soul,” and just have about two or three more days left.  Since we shoot sporadically, those two or three days still might take a month or two.  However, we’ve been editing the movie as we shoot, so the movie is in a  [ Read More ]


by Mark Pirro    • August 18, 2016
Pirromount's Celluloid Soul shooting at Nvisionate Studios

As we get close to finishing principal photography on our feature, “Celluloid Soul,” we have uncovered a great discovery: a filming stage in Burbank that has numerous sets, and has a rate that is well within the range of the ultra low budget filmmaker. We needed a hospital set for one of the pivotal scenes  [ Read More ]

Forrest Trump

by Mark Pirro    • August 7, 2016
Mark Pirro and Anne DeVenzio inforrest trump

Even a slow witted simpleton can grow up to be a candidate for president of the United States. She the Pirromount Players do their rendition of Forrest Trump. The short sketch was written and directed by Mark Pirro. Starring Pirro and Pirromount actress Anne DeVenzio. Enjoy.

Celluloid Soul Teaser

by Mark Pirro    • July 31, 2016

Here is the teaser for our 2017 fantasy film, Celluloid Soul, starring Dennis Kinard, Lauren Baldwin, Azize Erim, Bill Devlin and Judy Tenuta.  The story is about a man obsessed with an actress from the 1930s who one day shows up on his doorstep…looking exactly like she did in the movies, right down to the  [ Read More ]

Mohahappy Returns

by Mark Pirro    • July 15, 2016

Mohahappy angrily has to keep returning from retirement to constantly lecture all the misguided humans. Today he returns to speak directly to the terrorists. After all the recent terror attacks, Mohahappy has had enough of it. He is here now to speak on behalf of Allah himself (pizza be upon him). Just another in a  [ Read More ]

Donald Trump grants Pirromount exclusive Interview

by Mark Pirro    • June 29, 2016
Mark Pirro as Donald Trump

Ok, we’re having way too much fun with this election year.  Here is another one of our contributions to the Donald Trump phenomenon.  I think we’re done now.  It’s time to get back to the business of making movies, but it was a nice little break.

Republican’s New Theme Song

by Mark Pirro    • June 27, 2016

We don’t usually get political, that’s not really what we’re all about here, but after posting a couple political comedy videos online, some witless troll had gotten into a battle of insults with my youtube webmaster, which inspired us to make another one.  We all know that after November, Donald Trump will be nothing but a footnote to  [ Read More ]


by Mark Pirro    • June 25, 2016
Forrest Trump

This is a bizarre year for presidential elections and Donald Trump has turned it into an absolute train wreck. Check out our campaign video for 2016. Donald Trump really being honest for the first time.

Pirromount actress Stef Dawson in TV series

The multi-talented actress on the rise, Stef Dawson, has been quite busy since she starred as the troubled Raven Sutton in our 2014 movie “Rage of Innocence.” Since her emotional performance for us in Rage, not only has she landed the role of Annie Cresta in the Hunger Games Mockingjay series, but she has starred or  [ Read More ]

Pirromount shooting green screen for "Celluloid Soul."

For day 18 of production on Celluloid Soul, we shot process photography.  In the opening scene of the movie, our heroes Monty and Tara (Dennis Kinard and Azize Erim) are having a little debate in their car as is rolls down the highway.  Monty types a few text messages and gets into a horrible accident.  This  [ Read More ]

Mohahappy for President

by Mark Pirro    • June 8, 2016

The Mighty Mohahappy is back once again, and this time he is throwing his turban into the ring as a candidate for president of the United States.  He knows it’s not going to be an easy fight, but he feels he is the most qualified candidate out there, so with the help of Allah (pizza  [ Read More ]

“Celluloid Soul” halfway through production

by Mark Pirro    • May 21, 2016
Judy Tenuta in Pirromount's "Celluloid Soul."

We shot our 17th day of production and that puts us over half way through.  Some would say we’re half empty and some would say we’re half full.  Anyway, the last two days of production were the scenes where our hero, Monty Suggins (Dennis Kinard) gets taken away by cops after pointing a gun at  [ Read More ]

It’s Not Easy Shooting Green

by Mark Pirro    • April 29, 2016

Our current feature Celluloid Soul rolls along on its lucky 13th day of production with an exercise in synchronicity and timing.  This day’s segment was shooting a composite of 1939 actress Ida Beswick (Lauren Baldwin) walking and talking alongside screenwriter Monty Suggins (Dennis Kinard).  To achieve this illusion, we first shot Dennis walking by himself…  [ Read More ]

Another Old timey scene finished for “Celluloid Soul”

by Mark Pirro    • April 11, 2016

The new scene which is a ‘movie within a movie’ for our upcoming feature, “Celluloid Soul” brings back Pirromount alumnus Jean Black (Rectuma) and longtime Pirromount actor John McCafferty, starring in the fictitious movie “The Lonely Lady in 228” (1939).   In this scene, Theo Thesp (McCafferty) confronts his floozy wife Cipolla These (Black) about  [ Read More ]