Currently In Production

Comedian Judy Tenuta singing about her Christmas Wish - music video Produced by Pirromount Pictures

We are in pre-production for a new feature film comedy starring comedian Judy Tenuta.  The working title is “Are We Dead Yet?” but that may change.  We plan on starting production by the end of 2017.  This will be a joint venture between Pirromount and Goddess Productions.  Keep checking back for updates.   We’ve finished  [ Read More ]

Judy Tenuta and her accordion in Pirromount Web Series "The World Accordion to Judy"

We are also producing the Judy Tenuta video series, “The World Accordion to Judy,” which is a series of video rants by the legendary love goddess. This is a weekly series which can be found on Youtube and on various other social media networks. We have produced over 30 of these short videos so far. You  [ Read More ]