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Review of Curse of the Queerwolf



With Michael Palazzolo, Kent Butler, Taylor Whitney, Sharon Alsina, Cynthia Brownell, Darwyn Carson, Sergio Bandera, Rodney Trappe, Jim Bruce, Mark Pirro, John McCafferty, Susan Cherones, Forrest J Ackerman – Supplier: Pirromount Pictures – Producers: Mark Pirro, Sergio Bandera – Director-Writer: Pirro – Music: Gregg Gross – 90 Mins. This catchily titled feature is an extremely funny, wide-ranging horror satire. Aggressively offensive black humor marks it more a video to delight private audiences rather than for the traditional midnight bookings route.

Helmer Mark Pirro, known for his popular comedy “A Polish Vampire In Burbank”, comes up with very clever (and equally tasteless) puns limning the sick tale of Larry Smalbut (Michael Palazzolo), who’s bitten by Cynthia Brownell. As a result, he turns into a Queerwolf when the moon is full and is soon on the run from a group of torch wielding fanatics who want to silver stake him in an unmentionable spot. Only a medallion containing John Wayne’s photo can protect him from transforming into a limp-wristed “monster”.

On the surface, pic obviously is in poor taste regarding gays, but it is disarming not only because of its high percentage of successful gags but because it carefully mocks the paranoia of much of the straight world regarding homosexuals. The hilarious transformation scene is proof of this, culminating not only in bodily changes, but with a hanky magically growing out of the back pocket of the hero’s jeans. Running gag of Palazzolo accidentally killing his pet dogs is typical of the no holds barred Pirro approach.

Also satirized are films ranging from “The Exorcist” to “Deliverance”, with a truly inspired rewriting of the “Ballad of Jed Clampett” from “The Beverly Hillbillies” T.V. show to fit hero’s nightmare about being pursued by the lecherous backwoods geeks from John Boorman’s 1972 classic.

–Lor. September 20-26, 1989

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